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Sredne-Volzhsky Transnefteproduct, JSC 


Sredne-Volzhsky Transnefteprodukt, JSC, is a dynamically developing and stable subdivision of Transnefteprodukt, JSC having a strategically important significance for the economic wellbeing of the Russian Federation. On October 19, 1993, under Ordinance No. 1811-R the Russian Federation State Committee for State Property Management transformed the Sredne-Volzhsky Company of Trunk Oil Product Pipelines into the Open Joint-Stock Company «Sredne-Volzhsky Transnefteprodukt».

At present, Sredne-Volzhsky Transnefteprodukt, JSC, controls in the system of trunk oil product pipelines: 5 trunk oil product pipelines with a length of 1,410.545 km; 3 main pumping stations; 4 relay pumping stations, a tank battery with a useful capacity of 38,038 cu.m, and a truck terminal. In June 2012, upon completion of the process of putting into commercial operation production of Euro 5 environmental standard diesel fuel at the Nizhnekamsk Oil Refinery of TAIF NK, JSC, export volumes of diesel fuel (GAZPROM NEFT, JSC; BASHNEFT ANK, JSC; LUKOIL, JSC) started to be transported to the sea terminal transshipping light oil products at the Primorsk port (Leningrad Region), in addition to transportation to the domestic market. The volume of exports will reach 3,000,000 tons by the end of 2013. This fact points out to the next phase of implementation of the North strategic project aimed at creating a pipeline system for exporting light oil products primarily to Western and Northern Europe, which makes it possible to reduce dependence of Russian exports of light oil products on certain states and contributes to the energy security and economy of Russia.

      Sredne-Volzhsky Transnefteprodukt, JSC, is one of the main elements in exporting oil products to the Commonwealth and Baltic states, European countries. Diesel fuel is supplied via the system of trunk pipelines of Sredne-Volzhsky Transnefteprodukt, JSC, also to the domestic market: Republic of Tatarstan, Chuvash Republic, and the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

The total transportation of oil products reaches over 4 million tons annually.

In the process of implementing complex programs of technical re-equipment of facilities, Sredne-Volzhsky Transnefteprodukt, JSC, reconstructs the Almetievsk – Nizhny Novgorod OTP with a length of 578 km. In 2012, it completed reconstruction of the section from the Kovali PS to the Tingovatovo PS with the total length of 124 km, including underwater crossings of the Volga and Sviyaga Rivers; at present the section from Tingovatovo PS to the Vorotynets PS with a length of 129 km is reconstructed.

In the course of implementation of the state investment project «Complex of petrochemical and oil refining plants in Nizhnekamsk», the project of infrastructure construction for receiving oil products was completed, the section from the Almetievst – Nizhny Novgorod OTP was reconstructed from the newly commissioned TANEKO OR, JSC, from the Vorotynets PS to the Kstovo PS with a length of 120 km.

The fourth decade of its operation, Sredne-Volzhsky Transnefteprodukt, JSC, begins with large-scale, but real plans and clear priorities, which includes organization of the faultless operation of the pipeline system, a high level of environmental safety of the Company’s industrial facilities by introducing and developing communication technologies of managing and controlling transportation organization processes, and improving the system of organization of works related to industrial and occupational safety. Every year, the Company systematically organizes a complex diagnosis of trunk oil product pipeline facilities and an expert evaluation of industrial safety.



Length of pipelines                                                                                   1,288.768 km

Pumping stations                                                                                       7

Branches                                                                                                     7 

Useful capacity of the tank battery                                                          41.223 thousand cu.m

Personnel                                                                                                    676 people